Payment Refund Policies :

If the center makes the payment for any services regarding RGCSM, then the center director can claim the amount paid within 7 days, only if he/she has not claimed any service for the same.
If a person deposits affiliation amount for getting a affiliation from RGCSM, then he she can claim a refund if legal formalities are not processed for that particular center and no MOU has been signed yet.
Affiliated centers can claim refund if he pays the renewal amount and wants to discontinue the center after that. This condition will only be valid if the center director claims a refund within 7 days of renewal payment.
If any payment is made online for any Government/private project running through RGCSM whether it be state/central government/third party, then refund will be processed according to the project implementing agency’s (State/central government/third party) rules and regulations.


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